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Just a reminder to let you know that women are stupid. You should never ever wear a piece of clothes only to seeking her attention or because she doesn't approve your style. Never let a women decide what you have to wear, this will make you look like a fucking beta. And most importantly, be honest and never be afraid of let her know what you really think when she ask you "i look good?" after a 2 hours bathroom prepare session, if you noice something that you don't like you should let her know, this will make you look like a man with his personal taste, and not a fucking simp.

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Fucking based

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No I would tell her whatever she wants to hear

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I look like the virgin but broke

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Is it possible to pull off something like this during the summer with a nice white t-shirt underneath?

Or is this luxury reserved only for cholos and actual bikers?

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My fashion advice is don’t wear patches you haven’t earned, be it military or MC, being a poser has never been effay

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Why would you want to wear a jacket with a patch of an old biker gang? Why not just wear a vest/jacket that looks cool on its own merits? I hate this shit.

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this is not a biker gang jacket, this patch in the back was just for the movie (and in the movie/book this represent just a street gang logo in the beguining of the hip hop contraculture). u can use it freely, dont listen to this idiots trying to scare u.
a serious biker or gang member will never get angry to u bc of this, if this happen... u just show him the movie trailer or the book cover (the last edition have this logo). just like anyone will do if they get in trouble bc of wearing a SOA jacket (never heard about some biker gang member that dont know thats a tv show logo, the same apply for this logo. a serious biker gang member who knows his stuff about the culture know about this famous things)

also watch the doc: Rubble Kings for more info

ps: sorry for the bad english, not my first language

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100% agree. Patches that pertain to a gang, collective, or unit are a trophy or sign of achievement, not a fashion trend. People that are part of that group will push you or approach you and it could end poorly.

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Hey dude! The clothes from that picture are really cool! I really like them, because I am a biker, and I actually like everything related to that. The jacket is just amazing. I am wearing something like this myself! Just wear that and a really cool scarf and you will look amazing! One of my best friends bought me a cool silk scarf from https://braap.cc/category/scarves/ , and it's really cool. I am always feeling like a boss when I wear it! It looks amazing. Moreover, it's very qualitative and has a really affordable price.

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who's your style icon?

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Based Sakamotofag

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chief keef and king krule

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this is your brain on red pills

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Fuck this dude
Ccp is based but this guy is a fucking faggot

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Hey where did you get that picture? is an actor or a musician

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Since this board is getting flooded with this shit, let's put it all into one thread.

Post fits from any anime or just ask dumb questions

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everything but his ponytail

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boingo is

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Why does this trigger so much butthurt? Could it be that this coupling is the most effay?

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Yeah the coupling of black elastic with light blue background/dark blue dinosaurs gets people pretty enraged. In a perfect world we would all own such amazing underwear, but we can't all have them, so people get a bit upset.

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Our society is already a fractured sub IQ 80 society

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Black women are basically the dead bottom of the social totem pole, women and black

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La Abominacíon

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I don't think that such couples are something bad or unusual. In modern world internacional dating is quite popular and you shouldn't worry about this. By the way if you are interested in dating with foreigner I recommend to start from this blog https://ladadate.com/blog-interracial-dating-tips-and-tricks these tips and tricks can really help you to succeed!

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where can i buy a grey t shirt?

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can i ask you guys how a brainlet like me can find other relatively lesser known retailers like this? i hate being limited to h&m and uniqlo. is there any like definitive list of sites where i can buy stuff, or does it just come down to experience?

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lurk more

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do you live in Missouri or something?

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Hanes or Rick Owens
now perish

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bumfuck minnersota brother, got something wrong with it?

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what the fuck sort of jacket is this/where can I get this exact jacket? I've been searching for 24 hours straight.

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who is this qt

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What the fuck is wrong with you cunts

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she's also russian and so pretty poor. there's no way she could afford something non-shitty. aliexpress is the most popular shopping site in russia so it's a good place to look.

>> No.11883464

Thanks I've tried looking there, but there's far too much low quality garbage. I came across a few things that look similar so it could be promising, I'll look more later.

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Wtf is up with you,we just here for a jacket man

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hey /fa/ how effay is my /fit/ today trying to for Rick-Owens-esque Nipponcore style with some workwear elemental inspirations....maybe sleazecore-esque? idk..

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Fucking faggot

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if that’s what you’re going for then you failed miserably and none of those styles blend well together. if this is bait then heres your (you). kys faggot

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Disgusting, horrible fit.

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Go back on reddit retard

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Holy shit they all fell for the bait

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HELLO /fa/

I'm working on my cool scruffy look, like Ed Norton in Fight Club

I¨ve been (inactivly) looking for these sunglasses for around five years, does anyone have any fucking idea what this is, or how I can get a similair pair?

If you say wayfarer, I will shoot you

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Also: shades in general!

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nice high res pic OP

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i would say the KD's biker shades are the closest thing to these ones

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post some effay football kits

I guess its okay if you also post American football kits too...

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File: 47 KB, 770x442, marco-van-basten-jurgen-kohler-netherlands-west-germany-euro-1988_2bf4pdpeqh6i183wqw2xm95x1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

the goats

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File: 105 KB, 1080x1080, ss-lazio-2015-macron-115th-anniversary-football-kit-1[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

SS Lazio (you will be exposed as a /pol/tard, but it does look great)
Ajax away shirt

Honorable mentions:
Classic German shirt (1988 I think)
Pink Juventus away shirt from 15/16

Also I like the Morocco and Portugal jerseys.

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hoping next year's kits by Adidas would be this goat

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My hobby is to collect the replicas Tshirts of famous football teams. I can call me as a collector because my collection is a very big one and I'm very proud of it. I'm analyzing the statistics from https://statisticsports.com when I want to find out which is the best football team now at the top because I'm looking for T-shirts of the best teams. I think that my hobby is very funny and interesting for football fans.

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found the sexlet.

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Skinny joggers are peak sexcore

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Wish I could be so confident in myself as those guys are. I am struggling through a big personal problem that is called erectile dysfunction and this is awful. I was so scared when this happened to me for the first time ever, I did not know how should I act and what is going to be with me now. I thought my gf will break up with me and I got a depression. My friends were trying to save me from that and they were trying hard. One of them showed me an article https://sterkeapotheek.nl/ and told me that after reading this I will be much more positive, and he was right. Now I know that this is a common issue to the most of the men of the world and you can live with this and have a normal sexual life. So try to read this too, if you have a disease like mine

>> No.14029198,2 [INTERNAL] 

Yeah, true. Thank you for sharing, by the way

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I wear business casual at work. All my pants have belt loops. Am I supposed to wear a belt or not? I'm seeing differing advice. Some people say that if you are skinny with relatively long legs then a belt will make you look better. I am 28/32 in pant size and only 5 ft 9 inches.
I've also read that if you don't want to wear a belt, then you should get dress pants with no belt loops, but those don't seem to be readily available.

So should I wear belt or not?

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Belts with a suit look like shit 9 times out of 10

>> No.15099532

Some people say that belt loops on a pant without a belt look stupid as well. But so many suit pants have the loops.

>> No.15099553

I always wear a belt because I like them.

>> No.15099626

He has a tight SEX tier white pants.
No need for a belt it would destroy "laid backness" of this fit.
Plus there is almost no occasion for wearing white pants in formal situation.
If you wear eg. a white cuban suit it's ok not to have belt on.
Also you can just put on a vest which just doesn't go with belts.
If that's too much of a larp you need to ask yourself what kind a freedom your look can allow.
Assuming it's office work without contact with clients you can go with anything.
My advice one colour linen suit eg. blue. Simple shirt or polo. Non formal sneakers margiela replica, common project, espadrilles(if u like 'em), boat shoes, maybe even woven leather shoes.

>> No.15099626,1 [INTERNAL] 

If you are 5'9" than you are actually at the height where the practical advice is not wear a belt, so as to not slice body in half and visually look shorter. I'm 5'8" and wearing dress pants/suit trousers with belt loops, but without a belt helps give appearance of being taller by not demarking middle wasteline.

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So I said I’d make a post about fixing this thing and here it is. Now I get to flex my autism for you guys.

Old Posts:

Also: welcome, /g/eeks and /diy/nosaurs.

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Not him, but;


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very good work

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Alright /fa/, l already know what the next new trend is going to be and that trend is cursed images printed on tees/ hoodies. Now post cursed images.

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this shit has been around for ages dickhead

>> No.13265861,1 [INTERNAL] 

sounds cool, will def check it out, thanks for the good work

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What's the most /fa/ vape?
inb4 smoking. Smoking causes hair loss and kills your aesthetics if you smoke frequently. Typically when you see a /fa/ person smoking, it's only to look edgy. Real smokers look 20 years older than they are.

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>> No.14273691

Does Juul have low/no nicotine options?

>> No.14273885

your rationale is shit, i have some bad news for you

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File: 778 KB, 527x885, B9E4EF48-F091-434E-BBCA-9084D0675FF5.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Cool people don’t give a fuck what others think about them
>is this effay is that effay? Don’t vape thats like SOO cringey!!! Smoke cigarettes like me and suck the Big Tobaccos cock!

If you’re a beginner get a pod system. I use a regular vape, the tank I use is the best one, Freemax Mesh Pro, it gives insane flavor and the coil lasts for 2 weeks even with heavy use, flavor still remains. You can also get a rebuildable, it is even cheaper and its not that hard.

Getting a mod is better IMO, yes its bigger, but batteries last longer, you can carry more and tank MTL will always be better than pod system in flavor.

My vape is similar to pic related, it blows huge clouds and I really dont give a fuck. Frankly, its retarded to think of it as cringe.

For the smokers: You are brainwashed. You are eating up the lies of big corporations who tell you its cool to smoke and enjoyable. You are just feeding an addiction, so you are basically fucking yourself in the ass. Get a vape.

Or don’t. Be like those people in the movies or the effay guys who take their bets in the cancer lottery. You are really being young and wild by getting a bit of a buzz in exchsnge for shitty health and a painful death.

>> No.14275642

I second this. Puffing on it rn. Shit is the best vape I ever owned

>> No.14275642,1 [INTERNAL] 

I can't get it. What does the cape have in common with fashion? This is a way to smoke, no? And smoking... well, it's a bad habit, not anyone can deal with. For example, I smoked cighs for about 10 years, then started to weep. At first I thought that I can quit smoking this way. Bullshit. But I became more healthy. And the flavours - they are good. I buy high quality stuff from https://aquavape.co.uk and have no problems that regular smokers have. That's what paving about. And all this subculture stuff about vaping is for retards.

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>> No.9798454


>> No.9798454,1 [INTERNAL] 

lol, what for? Just guess what for do people use viagra...
Some people need it to cope with ED (Erectile Dysfunction)

>> No.9798454,2 [INTERNAL] 

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>> No.9798454,3 [INTERNAL] 

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>> No.9798454,4 [INTERNAL] 

interesting story!

File: 16 KB, 300x437, male-model-tennis-shorts-by-lacoste-Mathias-Lauridsen.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]
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I started to practice but I noticed everyone is effay as fuck; where do I buy ? Got some inspo ? Pic is what I found and like but don't know about the upper body, can I use that while playing?

>> No.12250442

It's a warm up jacket. Google men's tennis clothes, jfc. Shorts, shirt, then the warm up suit goes over.

>> No.12250460

Thanks anon, I'll check out that

>> No.12250460,1 [INTERNAL] 

I think that now you can buy a similar outfit for tennis in any store. You can take a regular t-shirt and shorts. But if you need a special tennis uniform, then you can definitely find it in sports stores. And as for shoes, I tried to practice in regular sneakers, they quickly rub and calluses appear on the feet. And to prevent this from happening, I found special tennis shoes here ( you can see the review https://tenniswearguide.com/what-tennis-shoes-have-the-best-arch-support/ ), which are with arch-support. So I'm completely ready for playing tennis.

>> No.12250460,2 [INTERNAL] 

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What brand of jeans is best? I'm tired of buying popular brands that blow out and get holes fast as fuck, does anyone still make them actually durable?

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>> No.13856377

>60 dollars for jeans
>60 more for getting them tailored
fuck no

>> No.13857408

>dress like shit for $0
fuck yes

>> No.13857428

i find it unlikely that cheap fast-fashion brands would have the same cut for a) all their pants/jeans and b) don't change it every other year.
so not sure how well they would fit for any given piece.

>> No.13857539

ex-rugby player here, the massive thighs I got made me rip a pair of jeans between the legs once every 6-9 months.

>> No.13857539,1 [INTERNAL] 

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What are some effay dating sites?
i cant hold back my dick urges anymore and im ready to start online dating/hooking up.

Allot of you talk about okcupid, is it a legit way to hook up? Im mostly scared though about friends finding my profile or something and trying to troll me.

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>Im mostly scared though about friends finding my profile or something and trying to troll me.

You must have really immature friends if they would waste their time trolling you on a dating site.

>a huge majority of the women are just looking for gratification. they read all the messages just to see all the compliments they get.

Some of them are like that, yes, but they are not "a huge majority" as you said. Women who just want attention and compliments online are usually quite easy to spot. They are the type that would have 4000 fb friends and post 50 duckface pics each day. If you ask to meet her, she will always come up with a lame excuse like "I'm tired/don't feel well/my dog is sick/my car won't start, etc"

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take it from me, no matter what u do,, It's fairly hard to pick up a good/hot girl on OkCupid.
You have to open with a really stunning greeting message and even if it IS stunning and heartfelt she might still ignore you.
bitches only check their okcupid once a week at Best and then they only answer the hottest guys on the queue.
So don't expect much from that cesspool of faggots and hotties

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he may have some things wrong, but he's mostly on point and about 75% correct about the "jumping through the hoops" and "Paying for stupid dates"

Bitches expect too much.
They honestly do not deserve the penis on a white china plate.

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Hello! I can say that if you will use Google to search dating websites or applications you will find dozens variants. Firstly I recommend to understand what exactly do you want from such websites, because they are usually provide different options. For example I saw even trans dating apps https://pure.dating/article/16-trans-dating-apps-that-really-work/ maybe this will be interesting for someone:)

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Starting things off with this cute outfit I got yesterday. Still kinda hesitant to wear it outside tho.

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sage. this is bad.

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>even as girl he looks more chad than you

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You want to know?

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Hey you guys need to quit hating on this person and let people be themselves

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