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What's your routine for your hair /fa/?
How many times a week do you shampoo (if at all)?
What products do you use?
What is your hair length currently?

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Having looked through our rich-for-ideas medium hairstyle galleries with medium layered haircuts for fine or thick hair and various medium-length haircuts https://menshaircuts.com/medium-length-hairstyles-guide/

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If you want to change your image, take a look at the trendiest hairstyles for men and best boy's haircuts. https://menshaircuts.com/little-boy-haircuts/

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2020 popular 1 trends in Women's Clothing, Mother & Kids, Novelty & Special Use, Shoes with Dress Fasion and 1. http://fashionistodiaries.com/fasion/

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Doors & Windows is your one stop shop for all of your window and door needs in Oakville, Ontario. https://oakvillewindowsanddoors.ca/

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My hairline used to be like a beautiful, supple baby Hapa jesus

Now its like this. You can probably sense my frustration.

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was a gigachink in his prime

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Mature hairline is based. If you can't handle it, McFucking Kill Yourself

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He dyes his hair. Google it.

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He always had a high hairline, retro cameras didn't show it that much, the same happens to DiCaprio or Johnny Deep

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old one at 300 :(

where can i find higher rise pants?

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I want to buy some Gazelles but the colorway I want is only in women's. Men's seem to be true to size, but do I just need to go +1.5 for my size in women's?

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where i get in wholesale price.

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where i get in wholesale price. https://www.seebiz.com/vendor/btcdistribution_130570

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No Instagram thread? Post your feeds, rate others, etc.

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Not a particularly interesting ig. I just post my really amatuer art. The only reason I even made it was because I was trying to fuck some guy, but that fell right through.

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You look like the sweet librarian at my school

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post /polspo/

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Those shoes are awful. They makes you look taller but also disproportionate which is way worse then being short.also the pants look baggy around waste but maybe that's just because he has hands in his pockets.

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imagine thinking that looks bad.

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idk shit fr brands but your attention to detail is admirable and sympathize with the trait/obsession. let me think though.

cavempt is the first brand that comes to my mind that casually does alot of creative and god tier pieces.
other then that the best way is to find individual pieces from different brands.
i like a brand like stone island too because they come at design from a different angle. they have immense resources and focus on winter coats in a way that aligns with the things you care about.
another brand im thinking about now is visvim.
its a japanese brand and they also make great textured pieces in various ways and really well for each clothing item including shoes like the visvim virgil boots.
i can suggest you a place to look for inspiration too: grailed.com has a section where people post fits consisting of items that can be found on the website itself.

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Dear sir
I would like to use the image of the 378 Hadrianopolis war on your page as a teaching material on the official eba platform of the Ministry of National Education, in the digital content of the Turkish world unit, by showing the source. Can you send a "I allow use" message to [email protected] address. Thank you very much for your interest and support.
Yüksel KAPLAN History teacher

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Hey /fa/ I'm having guests over next week and I feel like my house has a blan smell.
What are some really nice smelling scented candles?

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candles r gay

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Sandalwood for the living room
Neroli and Jasmine for the bedrooms
"Clean Linen" scented for the bathrooms, trust me.

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Well, there are a different types of candles. For example Jars, votives, tealights, wax melts, and others. Personally, my favourite one are wax melts. First of all, because they have a pretty consistent aroma, and secondly, because they lasts longer. I usually order it from https://cocoluxemelts.co.uk/ which is one of the best websites on that topic in Uk, and furthermore, they also ship outside Uk, it doesn't matters where you are, if you want one of their wax melts, you can have it. They also have some cool wax burners, which are not expensive, so if you'll order something now, you can even get a bonus o a sale. Hope you will find somthing for your house.

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What are some fa cartoon series?

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It's not dorky that's a pretty common thing to do in movies/tv, just animation takes a lot more work to achieve that. Wardrobe can say a lot about characters.

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Fuck yeah, JoJo

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https://dbz-store.com/products/vegeta-badman-pink-shirt . Get your Vegeta Badman Shirt at this Dragon Ball Z online shop. This pink shirt is perfect to use as Cosplay or Costume. Put yourself in the skin of vegeta with his legendary pink shirt.

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Does anyone know any good places to buy jewellery which isn't overpriced? I want to get a chain necklace however I don't know where to look.

You can show off your jewellery and discuss jewellery in general if you like as well.

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etsy or ebay my guy

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Obviously. It was a meme statement

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>a peaceful country like Japan.

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Gold has always been a good investment if you look at Indians. We need to learn from them. So I think from my experience, I always buy gold jewelry, especially necklaces. It gives me a kind of status and trust. Ever since I discovered a wonderful site on https://www.chvker.com/blogs/jewelry/types-of-gold-jewelry I have bought for myself and for the most important women in my life. If you don't want to feel like an Indian, so the simplest and pretty necklace is what a girlie needs.

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>wanted help improving my body on /fit/
>jannies lose their mind because how dare someone post something relevant

Well if I cant get help improving my body maybe you can help me improve my fashion sense.
What kind of clothing style would you reccomend for my body type /fa/?

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transgender hon freak

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>jannies lose their mind because how dare someone post something relevant
This seems to be a growing problem on every board

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you're right. I'm such a coomer that I didn't realize the manly body and chin

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I have a bump on the tip on my nose (pic related). How the fuck I get rid of it? And is it noticeable?

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>imagine thinking modern cars can be effay

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The stagea is ridiculously good, same with the caldina.

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absolute bogan car

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I guess that McGregor is not looking for the cars by himself but if he does it he is looking for something very expensive hehe. If I was him I would look fo something special. You know even now I'm looking for the new car and I guess that I found something. It is an incredible 2020 hyundai and the models are really nice. I even found a site with some special prices https://carbuzz.com/cars/hyundai. I stopped at the Elantra model. It is one of the best. I just can imagine that feel when you drive such a car. I think this will be my next car for sure. Have a look I'm sure that you will like it too.

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is it at all possible for vaping to be /fa/? hobby vapers make it look so ugly.

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Like Fedoras, the scene has been ruined for everyone under the age of 40

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Professional vapers too.

It seems like something that could be subtle and look alright, but all the devices are these hideous bulky things and the subculture has made this obnoxious stigma.

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Perhaps a couple of years ago this could be attributed to / fa /, but not now. Nowadays some strange sticks and other crap are in vogue, which I don't even want to try. I really like vape, thanks to him I managed to give up cigarettes and hookah. I think people who are now vaping are definitely not chasing fashion, but only following their tastes and desires. I rarely change my tastes and mostly buy only in one store - https://www.redvape.com/reserva. Would it really be interesting to me that you like to smoke? Are you using nicotine liquids? And I think the most important question is how often do you smoke? One bottle is enough for me for 4 days. I don't think I smoke a lot, but really I just have nothing to compare with ...

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well, I think you're right

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MANE is a junkie groomer hebephile pedophile server

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MANE is a junkie groomer hebephile pedophile faggot server

Boris is a pedophile and a hebephile 19 - 22 year old that faps to transgenders and underaged women

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MANE is a junkie groomer hebephile pedophile faggot server

MANE is a discord pedophile tranny faggot server

Boris is an overweight and fat 19 - 22 year old tranny chasin creep hebephile pedophile faggot

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This is a great server!

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how would you call this style

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archive wanker

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Depressed and using archive Helmut Lang/Hysteric Glamour to compensate but it doesn’t work - core

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swore by off white sweat pants before archrive wave hit core

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tlc=thick latino core

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I'd go more for linen or seersucker

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yes but is the city of miami /fa/?

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A lot of chads in Miami

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Getting married in 3 months... church wedding where 50 people will be attending and reception will last from noon til the evening. I'm having a hard time deciding between two. Is a tuxedo considered too traditional these days?

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Correct. However, unless morningwear is required, it will look out of place when everyone else is going around in businesswear (suits).

Given that this is a daytime wedding and not an evening wedding, would recommend a nice suit (where you can actually play around a bit more with colors than you can with eveningwear).

>> No.15390179

>unless you frequently have occasion to wear a tuxedo
I think many people find that upon acquiring a tuxedo they end up having more occasions to wear it than they thought they had. That was the case for me at least, even in southern california - had zero occasion for eveningwear until getting invited to a gala, and then went and bought a tux and had it tailored. Ever since I've been invited to 2-3 black-tie events a year. And as long as I don't get obese the tux can last basically forever given how rigid and slow changing black tie standards are.

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Thanks for the replies everyone really appreciate it because to be honest I haven't been concerned with what I wear until quite recently when I actually had to buy and plan an outfit for our engagement photos.

Great advice. I especially like the idea of having two pairs of pants one for suspenders and one without. Is it a good idea to wear suspenders over a belt for a wedding or is it just personal choice at that point? As for the color I like the idea of charcoal for me and navy for my groomsmen, especially because the bridesmaids will be wearing this color (pic related).
I am the groom.

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For many weddings, it's equally appropriate for the groom to wear a tuxedo or a suit. Some grooms want to look especially striking on their wedding day and wear something special, so they choose to wear a tux. So, tuxedos are more formal than suits and they are considered evening dress and supposed to be worn only in the evening. It is considered inappropriate to wear a tuxedo before 5pm. Suits can be worn at any time of the day. One of the best brand of tuxedos is Gentleman's Guru and you can find on their site https://www.gentlemansguru.com/product-category/wedding/groom/ your best tuxedo at the best price.

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Thoughts on N21?

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why would anyone randomly snap his pathetic pencil neck? internet ruined your brain.

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Aggressive toxic masculine pol shit

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i don't think pearl drop earrings go with hoodies, call me old fashioned
they seem on opposite ends of the comfy scale

>> No.15606954,1 [INTERNAL] 

Cute curls

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Me trying to be manly man: "Man Twilight Sparkle is so cu-DUUHHH I MEAN...WORKING OUTTTTT!!! HUAAAH!

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god this guy is such a faggot

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I love fashion but most of the shit I want I can't afford. Even a simple north face vest costs about 100 quid, nevermind stuff like final home, dior, issey etc. I love archive but it's honestly out of my budget and I'd have to save up a week or two to buy one piece of clothing that I like.
What are some good outlets to buy cheap stuff? Sometimes I find steals on yahoo auctions or mercari.jp, most of the shit on grailed is close to retail and I hate fast fashion. How do you guys save money when buying clothes?

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Thrifting is good, also, ebay and co. are a good market for cheap/expensive-but-sold-by-retards-at-low-prices clothes

>> No.15404794

so saving up for a week or two is such a hard thing for you? some need to save up for months to get what they really like, stop complaining you fucking whats the problem with saving when you're living with your parents

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Whether your weight-loss goals involve trying to lose 5 pounds or more than 50, the same principles determine how much weight you lose and how fast your weight loss will occur. Remembering the following simple healthy eating diet tips and putting them into practice can lead to weight reduction without the aid of any special diet plans, weight loss programs, fitness books, or medications.
<a href="https://apnews.com/press-release/newmediawire/6f951629b963a74e5e31f142ae7e15b6">https://apnews.com/press-release/newmediawire/6f951629b963a74e5e31f142ae7e15b6</a>

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Our mouths are full of bacteria. Hundreds of different types live on our teeth, gums, tongue and other places in our mouths. Some bacteria are helpful. But some can be harmful such as those that play a role in the tooth decay process. Tooth decay is the result of an infection with certain types of bacteria that use sugars in food to make acids. Over time, these acids can make a cavity in the tooth.

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So I'll be hitting the gym one time only for the whole month, I usually do push ups,pull ups and squats at home besides running on the elliptical. Will it be possible do get more STRENGTH ONLY from this session?
TLDR: Can I get stronger in general and better at my bodyweight exercises by lifting once a month if dont care about muscle mass? Also what lifts should I do for how long. This is serious since I'm broke and can only go for free once a month. I hope I get an answer thx.

>> No.14802427

Your TL;DR is literally longer than the question, you absolute fucking brainlet. And no, one session per month is literally nothing. Also, wrong board. Retard.

>> No.14802427,1 [INTERNAL] 

I think that it is equal with nothing because Horton says that 22 days a month is the absolute minimum you should be working out—and 25 days is an ideal goal. Of course, that presumes you're putting in real effort those 25 visits. "If you're at the gym, that doesn't mean you're working out. I spend for it 15 days a month because I don't have time for it everyday. Moreover, I make all the exercises at home because it doesn't cost anything and it doesn't take time to go to the gym and I follow all the exercises from https://autisticbodybuilder.com/index.php/home-exercise-equipment/squat-rack/.

>> No.14802427,2 [INTERNAL] 

My friend was just looking for this information. Thanks

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