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what happened with the md?

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>Everything is grey
It may not be effay, but it doesn't look very grey to me.

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I went there to visit a long time friend.
Rented a Ferrari 458 for a day, which was sweet as fuck, took my friend along and he got pissed that I was driving too fast, so I let him off at some gas station and told him I'd be right back, came back after 15 minutes and he was pissed off and crying and told me he was gay and in love with me.
Hung out alone for a bit and went to some clubs, honestly I loved the vibe and music in most of them but a lot of them felt very try hard and aimed to lure tourists looking for that Berlin techno chic.
I came back to the apartment buzzing hard and friend convinced me to let him suck my dick. Museums were amazing, the zoo is also visit worthy if you're into animals and such.

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go to bonanza coffee roasters, burgermeister, walk around mitte falling in love with girls on bikes

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>going to Berlin
>not going to Leipzig

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This is a fucking village
Every major city in germany was painted grey in the 90s since it was considered "modern", now most newer buildings come in color. But all the non-renovated ones remain grey so it's still really depressing when you go for a walk or smth

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>telling hipsters about Leipzig

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Uhm well I just didn't get that high and then felt fucking terrible after an hour or so. I didn't buy it though, some guys from Munich shared with me for free.

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Guess I shouldn't have said bought lol.

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I'm going in a month. Is it full of degenerates and refugees? Are there refugees welcome stickers everywhere?

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why do you care

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Yes and yes
Berlin is the most degenerate city in europe

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Check out Soto, the wood wood Shop, superconcious and civilist. To eat: Monsieur Vuong for Vietnamese, Cocolo for the best Ramen I've ever had. Neighbourhoods: around rosenthaler platz, weinbergstrasse, and maybe check out Freidrichschain (bit hipster tho)

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do you know him? also, is finland's cultural scene just occupied by tryhard weirdos trying to outdo each other? I mean the techno guy, this guy, that goofy designer who inspired Kanye, etc.

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idk who you're referring to but that's a generic hel-looks.com pic.

t. different fag

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Because I'm going there in a month

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shit tier list bro

2009 called
since OP´s a tourist, he´ll fit right in
>about blank
only good places on the list

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go to tresor and buy pills of the rasta man.
take half the pill cause theyre every strong and have the best night of your life.

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If you like tricky ricky or clothes more of the greyscale palette, check out apartments berlin, its a cool shop(?) in shop.

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i get that people living there might not want refugees around, it's their city so it's their business

but how much of a pussy do you need to be that just visiting scares you

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i met a qt trap in berlin but she didnt want to hook up so fuck that place

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I want to move to Berlin next year for the electronic music scene, I'm really into music technology and sound art/design so I think Berlin is a good place for me to be.

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Name your top 5 techno artists cuccboi

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i don't really listen to techno at home only in clubs but my favs are cassegrain, paula temple, keepsakes, randomer & jeff mills after i saw him play for 3 hours in this really weird sweaty room

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Tickets do not guarantee entrance to Berghain. Even says so when you buy them.

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Ok u can pass

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Dutchman who goes to berlin every 3 months or so.

>sleep in kreuzberg or friedrichshain and rent a bike
This is the best way of getting around. Nobody wants to walk that fucking stretch to Sisyphos

>Drink sternburger
Always the cheapest beer in the spätis

>Dont buy drugs in gorlitzer park

>Boxhagener platz
Summer is over now, but eat a pizza (3 euros) there when hungover

>vietnamese food
On cuvrystrasse and wrangelstrasse there is a tiny vietnamese place that sells great, healthy and cheap food

>do the tourist thing and stand in line for burgermeister once. only if you eat meat though, the tofuburger was a disappointment


>speak german is your biggest asset. dont have bottles in your hand in line. dont shout in line. look like youre getting in, dont pout.

>go to bed at 2.00. Set alarm at 5 or 6. Go out and the chance of getting in is way higher. Sundays at 14.00-18.00 are great times of getting in Berghain

>No bigger than four people, at least a 50/50 gender distribution

>Look like you made an effort. Black on black is a semi-sermious meme, not really that necessary. Just make sure you don't like a normie that shops at H&M. Look like youve been drinking/doing drugs for a while now. Wear shoes to dance on.

I liked Sisyphos, Kosmonaut, About Blank and Renate.

Just look on Resident Advisor for the night and see whats happening.

Berghain is insane and worth getting into, but its a lot of effort.

Pic related, gorlitzer park a month ago.

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where it is cheap accommodation in berlin?

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I have tickets to death grips there am I fucked?

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Sorry to hear that mate

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It doesn't scare me. Sort of annoying

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The cheapest is in the east outside the ringbahn. But just stay in Fhain or kreuzberg if youre trying the whole /fa/ schtick

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Bundestag is cool for photos. Also this Judendenkmal. I'm not sure if i pissed in it or if that was just a dream though. At least they're close together

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Leipzig is already a hipster shithole

"omg Berlin is like way too commercial and gentrified now, this is why I decided to move to Leipzig with my girlfriend (we won't marry until ou gay friends have the same rights as we do) and our 2-year-old son Elias"

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>our 2-year-old son Elias
Lol, good reply

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gay people can't get married in germany yet? thats crazy

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Just makes you sound like a fedora lord

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lol whats the story behind this?

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Sasu Kauppi is apparently the name of the guy who inspired Kanye.

I know about Hel-Looks, it just seems that everytime i see something thats connected to fashion and finland, it's always something that looks very tryhard and "edgy". actually like the fit of the guy whom i posted, because it's so outrageous.

anyways, at least it seems like people wear something interesting in Helsinki - whenever I try to go through Danish street fashion blogs from Copenhagen, it's all just really boring, predictable fits or people who really stand out because of their very colourful and terribly matched fits

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why do People hate Hipsters so much? i mean you dont have to like them, but there are so many People hating on them and i always wonder why you hate on People for Dressing a certain way and having certain interests.

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Hel-looks cherry picks the weirdest looking weirdos on the streets. There is no fashion scene in Finland.

Real Finns look like this: http://per-looks.tumblr.com/

>> No.11839498

Holier-than-thou attitude combined with corny personality

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Wouldn't any suggestion on /fa/ already be gentrified? I mean isn't /fa/ the god damn defintion of gentrified?

Any city recommendation i see on here is already lost to gentrification. If you see a recommendation here it's already to late.

Go to Ukraine or something peeps.

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is this santa?

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They made a mini berghain at a Dutch festival. They let people stand in line, but they didn't let anyone in. Some people got very upset like this girl starting crying and some dudes wanted to fight the bouncer. Shit was pretty funny.

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break in to spreepark

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