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Brisbane is tough for fashion, but I think I've figured out the bestish places. Pretty much everything is in central

First you've got your fast fashion in queens street (Zara, H&M, Uniqlo, other generic girl brands e.g. Forever 21)

I'd say start with basic and then move from there. For best quality for lowest price go to Uniqlo. They also don't brand their shit so you can actually wear basics as basics

As for makeup and beauty I know they've got Mecca in the Wintergarden too, so I guess look in there. Choose a perfume you like too and capture a single scent you want from either there, David Jones, Meyer, or the Chemist Warehouse up the street.

Then move your way up to single pieces you like. Funnily enough Brisbane actually has some of the best indie quality Womens stores, e.g:

(In Meyer Centre) https://shop.dangerfield.com.au/
(Down Ann Street) https://www.vergegirl.com/

I especially always thought Princess Highway from Dangerfield was good

Boutiques man, so many boutiques around in the arcades around Queens Street, they sell indie made, medium quality stuff, designer creative stuff for dirt cheap because its all people out of QUT and UQ fashion degrees.

For handbags and etc go to Oroton at the Brisbane Airport DFO, no one in Brisbane goes to their actual store to buy their stuff so usually they get really high quality sent to the DFO like 50% off

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l need the following:
>hair color & hairstyle

an example of the look you want helps

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depends on what style you want to go for i suppose

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Was there ever an update to this?

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old infograph from tripsk, maybe itll help.

I'd recommend getting some chelseas, a tan overcoat and black or light blue skinnies, it may be basic here but youll look like a movie star compared to most.

baggy sweaters and skinnies can be good too, and if theyre too long you can cut them and wear an undershirt as a layer

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Hey there,
Anyone have pic related but for men ?
(pic not related)

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Here you go. Might be a bit dated, made with help from a book that was published in 2003 but I hope it can help. Look for inspiration everywhere and understand that developing your own style comes with time. Good luck xoxox

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here's another

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Yep this one. Can we make a new one? It would really help.

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Curious to know how well you all think this has aged

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