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Can anybody attest to the quality and fit of Gustin? I've watched a few review videos on youtube but not sure if they're just memeing. Decided to back the white low tops anyway.

Also, post your general footwear related questions.

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dis me

cop or nought?
also if yes do i size down or stay tts?

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>These is going to be the best in terms of 1:1 to cps.
>https://www.weargustin.com/store/4428 (REALLY 1:1)

If only they had a "normal" store like everyone else and made them available for other resellers to sell, these would definitely be more popular.

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>they're not fairly priced

This, the CP's look great but are too expensive for what they are.
There are plenty of alternatives that look similar at a fair price.

Gustin White Low Top, is what i would get if they actually had a normal store.


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Gustin White Low Top are reasonably priced at $149 and look almost identical.
But they have a weird store where you can't immediately buy them. You have to fund the production fist and have to wait months for shipping.


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Yo fund these so I can get some cheap CP clones

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How are the Gustin CP knock-offs?

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gustin CP ripoffs

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Can I ask this here? How do gustin white low tops compare with CPs? sorry for the interruption

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