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Ok bro let me tell you how fucking easy it is

I drew a bunch of stupid fucking pictures of animals

Every animal starts with just this oval-shaped body and then I draw these same eyes and mouth, making sure that this creature is totally expressionless. I drew the name of every animal in giant capital retard letters on top of it like this. I drew many creatures; rhino, dog, cat, fish, peacock, lion, sister, etc. Just all different types of animals. EVERY animal has 4 legs, doesn't amtter what it is. Fish has 4 legs, peacock has 4 legs, etc. All legs look exactly like what I have drawn here.

Now I took these fucking autistic stupid drawings and went around my college campus and just walked up to cute girls and said, "you really look like a peacock person, have this." and I just gave them the stupid piece of lined paper. Girls laugh 100% of the time I do this, especially when they see the animal named "sister." Sometimes I sit down at a girl's table and ask her what her favorite animal is and just draw it on the spot. It's so easy to start a conversation this way. If I can be such an insufferable fucking faggot autistic loser and get laid by doing stupid shit like this then you can surely get a girl's number by acting normal and having a normal conversation?

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