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No one said anything about catwalks
Nor having to drop lots of money on designer pieces

Just keep it in the same fucking realm

Don't wear a full ww1 outfit and say "its totally lunarcore and not milspo at all? I'm using my I M A G I N A T I O N GAIZ!!"

That's not how any thread let alone lunarcore threads work

It's good to be creative and it good to use materials and pieces that can be gotten affordably
But that's no excuse to use a completely different fashion style and just say it's something else when it's very obvious it's not.

Because Idk who in their right mind would think these


Are lunarcore outfits, and not just straight up milspo costumes..

And idk how you don't see this
Or maybe you do and just don't give a shit that you're shitposting in a completely different thread.. :/

And I've done nothing but contribute to the revival of these threads for half a yr at least and lurked and posted for yrs on and off before, which is why I had a holy fuck moment when I 1st found out our anemic Poet was Psuedo who essentially made this niche fashion genre popular, be it on purpose or accident.

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