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>tfw working on getting bigger so I can finally pull off my Doriani, Firioni, Fedeli et al knitwear without drowning in them

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>james face when

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>award time

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>tfw you have had a boner all morning and even fapped and cummed but it won't go down

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surprisingly, living in East London ive never been mugged, but let me tell you a story about being a fucking retard

>be in first year of college/sixth form
>have a lesson at 11
>leave for the bus
>get to the station and transfer to another bus
>all the buses from this dock go to the same place except one of them
>get on a random one, it turns out to be the one that diverts where i dont wanna go
>end up going the opposite way
>at this point im 10 minutes late for lesson and my teacher is a black scary woman
>i honestly don't know what i was thinking at this point but i came up with a plan to tell my mum i got mugged so she doesn't shout at me and ask why i am home so early
>walking home in scorching heat, finally get home
>tell mum i was mugged for £4, she didn't believe me then it sunk in and she panicked and called the police
>mfw at this point
>mum says police are coming to house to take a statement
>shitting myself and asking my mum to tell them not to come
>the police come and i make up a story of me getting mugged on the spot
>they are actually believing it and they finally go to leave and i go to shake the policemans hand (what the fuck) i had my hand there for 5 seconds and he finally shakes it and was awkward

i still haven't told my mum and they still thought i was mugged

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lol i onyl just saw that video the other day, she hasn't been on for two years though she is busy

imagine she invited you to private chat


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>(You) for every single quote

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