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White Patrik Ervell club collar @ ~$200

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I'm going to my friends brothers wedding and a bunch of guys from our childhood neighborhood will be there. I am determined to literally be the best dressed male there.

It will be outdoors in mid july so it will be rather hot. The ceremony outside is only an hour but I plan on dancing my face off so I need something light weight. For that reason I am probably not going to wear a suit jacket or blazer, the only one I have is wool and I would spend way too much if I copped a linen blazer.

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I'm going to attempt to do the same, but not execute poorly. I have enough grey in my wardrobe so that I will be able to transition from black for the Spring and Summer and then transition back in black in the later fall. It will be a capsule wardrobe of 33 items including accessories. I'm going to put everything else in a storage container until the Fall. I'll be moving so this will helpful. Also I am going to do some wicked thrifting for a couple pale cardigans and sweaters.

I'm thinking about taking a note from Patty Ervell and including one pair of black shoes and one black tie. It will allow my capsule to even cover me for the couple weddings I have to attend, then.

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