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we gon WAY BACK

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>lmao no
>they gave advice confidently but it was always horrible advice based on color pairing rules and shit
>"blue looks nice with white!" "don't wear black and brown!" "blah blah doesn't suit your skin tone"
>there was no further question of, what shade of blue is being worn with white, or white brown is with the black
>there was no thought behind the advice
>it was just what they were told
Nah, that's not true. Someone would post advice based on an arbitrary rule; then some would come along and give a more specific situational answer. And then there were people with specific and detailed knowledge only in certain areas.
There was an older trip with whom I was friends...but I can't remember his name now.
But he was the "dad-core" expert I gues you could say.

I would classify /fa/ like this
late 2008-early/mid 09 --golden age of trips; Miranda, ===, Tom, Unpop, etc
mid-late 2009--2nd generation of trips, Unpop and some other random (fag...CJ?? i can't remember) trolling incessantly;
Spoony first came and was banned from /fa/
early 2010--decline 1. Slater begins to troll and become popular. Tripskank started getting less shit, as older anons left.
mid 2010-captcha fucks things, and board culture changes a great deal.
I migrated to /adv/ in 2010, so I haven't really followed the board culture since then.
I can't remember when casemods came on the scene. it was late 2009 or late 2010 can't remember which.

>post a fit
>asap rocky
those are all 2011-2013 trends.

you're gonna make me go get my old harddrive and post a bunch of old /fa/ shit

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