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DIOR HOMME "Hedi Era" vs Now

In every discussion on Dior pieces someone invariably pipes up "are they Hedi era tho, cos you know those are the only ones are worth owning"

Okay, you say that, but can you detail for me exactly why that is? What happened the second after Slimane left Dior that made the quality immediately terrible and not worth buying?

Is it just idiots rehashing shit they heard once? I'm not talking about runway shows here, just the final product.

In a similar vein Raf Simons moving production to Portugal from Italy. I want someone who has handled both versions and has an understanding of intricate details to tell me WHY they are worse.
Did they start using worse quality leather, different stitching methods etc.? Labor cost cutting does not count as an answer, because as long as the final product hasn't been affected that doesn't answer the question.

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