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stfu faggot
why are you even here if you aren't trying to achieve eleffaytion

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Get the fuck back to whatever shithhole you came from or fucking lurk more newfag

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>bumps his shit thread 13 minutes after posting
filthy spillover confirmed
get the fuck back to your containment board loser

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it happened to my old board, /g/, so I can confirm this is a real and contemporary phenomenon

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Who is the hottest person to ever post on /fa/?

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You are outdated. Please leave.

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Cunt and ugly, never gonna make it

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Post 'em

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disclaimer: I do think dressing well is good

most of fashion is terrible and most of /fa/ is terrible
this doesn't just apply to "high fashion" or /fa/'s ideals
this also applies to hypebeasts and everyone else who is "into fashion"
they are delusional
the phrase "like putting lipstick on a pig" comes to mind

it's really bizarre seeing people obsess so much over clothes yet totally lacking in other areas
pick something plain and well fitted and move on with your life
it's like a milder case of those ugly people with facial growths who choose to get tattoos and piercings
the difference is you masquerade under the guise of "being a patrician" and get approval for your "nxtlvl fits" from other internet autists
you post pictures of attractive people wearing a particular hairstyle or item of clothing and proclaim that it is good, not noticing that the reason they look good is because they are otherwise attractive

fans of "high fashion", you probably suck as a person but your fragile ego demands that you feel superior
so you something that requires little to no effort, your identity becomes that of a "patrician"
you listen to certain types of music and you wear certain types of clothes and trash talk hypebeasts and other assorted plebs
thousands of dollars on garbage that you have been conditioned by swindlers and other internet autists to like
brb spending thousands on a ring covered in a piece of Sruli Recht's skin
spending hundreds on a t-shirt with the durability of tissue paper

">2015. >not getting a buzzcut"
then you post some robust jock or a male model with a buzzcut
you with a buzzcut would look fucking pathetic
you look like a fucking worm

"*some drug* is effay"
then you post Ewan McGregor in Trainspotting or Sky Ferreira
an overwhelming majority of actual heroin/meth/crack addicts are hideous and retarded pieces of shit
their teeth get fucked up. as a result of losing teeth they get bone recession and their facial bones look hideous
they lose facial muscle

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the current state of /fa/:
>help me start selling weed again
>where can i find cp looking sneakers for $45?
>am i balding?
>anti beard culture
>is working at [minimum wage fast food company] /fa/?

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I remember when I was a delivery driver in high school and out of all the races niggers where always the worst tippers, I remember once when I walked away with 5 cents extra then what the delivery was and the nigger had the audacity to asked for the fucking nickel back.

Niggers please leave /fa/

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Yahoo Japan you newfuck.

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So /v/ is organising this years winter ball. Who are we going to go with this year /fa/?

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lmao, this nigger I swear

he's calling you autistic because you're attacking some random anon who used a maymay to make a common in-joke on /fa/

the fact that you failed to understand this makes you a massive aspie, and now you're actually validating yourself to strangers on the internet, which confirms that

now do pic related and don't forget to take your 'spergers medicine, fuccboi

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thanks op, means a lot coming from a fukken nerd like u who wears aa and jc penny

now giiiit out

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you don't belong here in the first place, newshit


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not even the guy you're talking about but the fact that you're a retarded baboon was proven with your own post

sweet christ you don't even fucking know what ADD means, nor what social anxiety can be like and your advice can be summed up as
>justtt bbb urself!!!! :DDDDDDDDDD
get the fuck out nigger

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its just like fucking yesstyle, except more expensive, you dumb motherfuckers.

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