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/fit - fa/ based bros

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I miss old /fa/
I visit from time to time to see what this place is buzzing about and there are still some interesting finds but it’s just not the same anymore.

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This. Pretty much everything clothing and style-wise was, is, or will be "cringy". People are unique and not all of them follow fashion as closely or in same way. Some people are avant-garde and other retro and nostalgic. All fashions have a life cycle and the people who follow them as well.

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How do I get my sister to shut the fuck up about my long (just above shoulders) thick wavy blonde hair and maybe reduce the potential for people to think I'm a drug addict or whatever?

I don't give a fuck what she
or anyone else says or even really that much what I look like; I still want to keep my long hair.
I have my reasons and it is not up for debate.
Regardless, is there still something I can do to appease her complaints and reduce the number of times people assume an addict or hooligan?

Some people actually say I have awesome hair, and I've grown really attached to this hair.
I actually am getting a little bit concerned about how I might soon like because I just started my skinny fat cut and I notice a lot of drugees around my area are actually pretty ripped...

Just give me general ideas? I can't post pics right now and I'm pretty much new to /fa/.

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show us what you are wearing today / recently

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