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The thing is that if we advice you something we will say: club masters, wayfarer, aviator style glasses. something generic that looks decent on almost everyone.

you know your face better than us... you must know what you would like for it. hell maybe some glasses that are way out of the norm could work on you like the stuff musicians wear, a lot of things can work on you since you're far from ugly. Anything you would like to see on you would be the final answer.

If you don't want to think about it here is my generic advice: clubmasters.

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>what i was disagreeing with is clothes and body type.
Ah then of course... Yeah men clothes have a cut that fits on men better. Obviously.

>not going to argue with you that feminine features look good on men. i do agree. men's looks peak in late teens and start going to shit at around 25.

Sadly yes. The most beautiful ones are the ones who have androgynous faces therefore they're the most capable of retaing those youthful looks even to advanced ages.

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Slept all Sunday because I stayed up all Saturday and just ate cereal. Feels damn good.

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