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Is anyone here old enough to remember when /fa/ Australia had a meet up?

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keep lying to yourself buddy

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It was cringe meetup
But it was our cringe meetup

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>Stay clean shaven

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>what goddamn troglodyte runs the ad department for this board?
they do

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/fa/ users revealed

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I know youre exactly like the faggots in pic, you have no fashion sense or the money to buy tailored clothes
Buff people on the other hand (really buff people, I mean jojo levels of muscles) look good in ANYTHING, so whya rent you lifting? Seriously all of /fit/ thinks y'all are a joke

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might as well

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Post the real picture

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cope harder loser, the key to fashion is that it doesn't matter what you wear, as long as you have height/frame/face. fashion is just a cope way of trying to mimic those three
I can't believe I clicked on /fa/ instead of /fit/, this board sucks.

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L-looking good lads

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Reminder, this are the people criticizing you and giving you advice.

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Why aren't you posting the real pic?

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Gathering interest for an AUS /FA/ discord group.

Please email [email protected] for the info.

should be good m8s

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Keep in mind that the guys defending this shit look like this.

Do you really want to look like this?

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I'll see if I can find the shopped one

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the gang's all here

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>you have to be a 10/10 chad with an iron jaw, /fa/'s personal styling choices, a /fit/ body (but not too /fit/, otherwise you'll just be seen as a knucklehead) and the perfect hairstyle to be considered for your opinions if you hold an extreme position
>meanwhile, at /the /fa/ meetup

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You can't possibly think this job can be completed without us.

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you can start by standing with your legs further apart and get some slim / tapered jeans

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