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What I meant to add was, I dont think any single thing is supremely Cyberpunk without it looking like a costume, so if youre looking for subtlety in choice, add modern materials with bits of things you like but most importantly make it functional, something to meet friends at a bar in.
There are tons of brands (most expensive b/c NEW) and if youre looking for recommendations, myself I dont know
Im just posting pics of things I like that feel Cyberpunk without screaming COSTUME

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is lunarcore dead?

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Combine some grey'ish bomber/flight/airforce jackets with some tapered cargo pants and footwear that either is boots or kinda looks like boots and you're half way there.

The more pockets, padding and zippers and shit the better.
That's what they did half the time for every film that's hailed as an inspiration for lunarcore.

The art is in combining this so it looks natural and not something you're wearing for a dress up party.

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Lunarcore color palette 101 (this is just a basic guideline please experiment, these are core to the style)

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Found some bitchin black skinny tapered cargos and FoG style skrunchy skinny pants at H&M today, the cargos will go great with some dark Lunarcore (think Rogue One) or Techninja/CyberPunk fits

They have some olive ones too that I'll probably get so I can make more traditional milspo lunarcore fits

Also OP use a better pic for the Thread something thats spacey and will catch ppls attention or at least give them an idea that this is in fact a lunarcore thread

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But Marscore is just a sub genre of Lunarcore..............

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>(Part 1)

Lunarcore is a utilitarian style.
Lunarcore has ELEMENTS from milspo/workwear/futuristic&tech pieces that make this look the way it is.

None of his costumes (yes costumes not outfits) are at all related to lunarcore aesthetics.
The Only loose thread it has is that it's purely milspo and cringey costume milspo at that, there are some pieces in them that if separated and incorporated into modern or futuristic lunarcore aesthetics pieces MIGHT work to make a cool lunarcore fit

But just blatantly throwing on a full on ww1 or ww2 milspo ONLY costume, then saying it's "lunarcore" isn't lunarcore..

Lunarcore takes aesthetics from many styles and when done correctly doesn't look like a costume and the common pleb on the street will like it and not be able to figure out why.

It's futuristic and alien enough for it to be "mysterious" or "different" and cool, but down to earth enough that it doesn't look like you're larping as a tech ninja or robot or wearing a costume or having your clothes "wear you" so to speak..

Like I said I'm tired as fuck and don't have the time to go fully into the mentality and mindset, feeling and philosophy of what lunarcore is, that's what Psuedo/Poet is here for since he lives for that stuff and loves explaining the feelings and philosophy behind it and can explain much more intricately and thoroughly than I..

Lunarcore is loose enough, (read "loose" NOT the wild west where you thow on a medieval tunic and some rubber boots and say it's lunarcore when it's obvious it's not even in he same relm let alone the same style)

That it gives you enough freedom to DiY pieces or go to thrift shops and look for certain pieces that may go very well with a potential fit, or to your local Military Surplus and use specific PIECES (not entire old world soldier costumes that look like WW1&2 with nothing modern enough with it to contrast it)

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I live for these threads..

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Fucking newfags

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lunar interests me

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s p a c e m a n a e s t h e t i c

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We need a proper update of the chart to clearly evoke iconic Alien 1/3.

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>I'll never own a pair of y-3 warriors in white
>I missed out on the discounted preorder for the all white qasa's

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Been trying to put together some lunarcore fits on a budget. Hasn't been working out too well. Kinda gave up after a big purchasing spree because I don't usually binge like that. Might try again sometime once I find a job.

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most overused image on /fa/ , I know, but where can I cop those cargo joggers or similar in pictures 1 and 3

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The color palate is the most important thing. White/grey/orange/tan should be the focus.

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we can will it so

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So, haven't seen it in a while. Lunarcore thoughts/inspo thread?

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Try a variation of these?

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