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Based in Japan though. I can read it.

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>tfw no qt3.14 agf

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>women do feel the pressures of being beautiful but it's sociocultural norms thus why they consume more and there's more demand for female fashion.

It is always a double edged sword. Females are suppose to put more effort into their looks, but because of that there is a lot more stuff available for them.

Males aren't expected to do this and as a result don't have the stuff they want and have to use things made for females.

>grass is always greener, i suppose

Pretty much sums up the whole debate. I expect if I was a girl it would only make me feel that it would be better to be a boy.

We look for any excuse to put blame on something outside our control. Rather than trying to work with what we have, we just wish we had something easier to work with.

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