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levi is liven it up in eastern europe

im a normie professional now

idk if what happened here was better or worse but it was something

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what happened

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>l-l-lets see a timestamp

you need to lurk more

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what size are you? is the white one just the basic version with straps and no other accessories?

3000, like 3 months ago.

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Hello Eurasian boys, I'm a blonde girl and this is what I think of you

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success thread 2.0 updated

pigfuck hottest active trip? recent polls seem to think so

reee on the verge of total mental breakdown? it sure looks like

leisuresuitlamy posting a lot, a return to form for this seasoned midcarder? is he ready to transition to the top tier?

new trips? ones to watch? who is on the climb? any contenders ready for /fa/ canon? or just more johnny come lately losers?

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haha yes dude NP!!!

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pigfuck thread?

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time to help out the poor goobers here cuz yall aint go no clue, gonna break it down real nice

follow my blog for updates on my location and itinerary


pastebin version: http://pastebin.com/P7tNDB1s

this will be the best guide ever written on how to look good, feel good, and be a conscientious consumer and better human.

1. if ur ugly it aint gonna happen, especially if u got an ugly body. the majority of u are skinnyfat estrogenised goyim

thats why in the waywt theres so many wide hipped, knock kneed dweebs who make skinny jeans look repugnant.

how to fix? get urself some fluoride free toothpaste. dont consume products with soy in them, that means soy of any kind, compounds etc. avoid common sources of BPAs, most gmos, found out what an endocrine disruptor is.
avoid processed food,
exercise in some form.
yoga and consistent stretches

half of the reason u losers have such horrible proportions is cuz u r all tight and hunched due to extended r9k tfw no gf sessions on the internet.

when walking lead with ur hips, ur hips and pelvis should be tucked inward, not poking out(lordosis)


find one for lower body as well.

2. stop being stupid, most of u cant help it because ur genetically inferior and stupid but for those on the cusp, listen up. dont come here asking inane shit like 'w2c' 'cop or not' 'hair cut advice' or any other of that goober SHIT. if u a transient browser of the board shut the fuck up and stop writing things on the internet. dont post ur face in a face rate thread, stop being so fucking pathetic.

educate yourself, teach yourself some cognitive processes that allow u to think like an individual and not a cornfed goy faggot. this will permeate throughout every facet of your life.


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are you ready for daddy /fa/

you ever worn a priceless artefact on your body before? shits so cash

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