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Growing it is easy af just eat healthy food for hair such as egg yolks to keep an steady yourthful fast grow. If you ever have trouble buy a flat iron and str8n it.

trim it when
>proportions got messed up
you have to honestly like long hair to have long hair. Because you need a lot of patience & a healthy young hair line.

Your hair atm looks really nice keep it if thats what you like, always go for what YOU like /fa/m, always.

that one was good tbqh, you got ur point across.

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thats me nigga. add me on steam if you want bought a Mayflash recently so I can play with a GameCube controller on PC to play Dark Souls comfortably. Gonna do an Oroboro build again because dex>str always

Im busy af through due to my job but I will be able to invest in Rick, Slp and Julius and random edgy shit like this Viking hewing spear

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