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None of the /fa/ places there are free of hipsters / jews / rich pretentious people, but...

In Guanajuato, I love walking near la Presa, no place in particular. There's also always something going on downtown that may only last a few months. For drinking (the best you can do there) there's a new terrace on Alonso that looks kind of nice, also, Golem changed up to a new place that I really liked: lots of qts, nice music, the right ambiance for meeting new people. I also like to hang around La InundaciĆ³n down in San Fernando.

I really like walking down the stores in San Miguel, but as I said before, most people visiting are pretentious, rich pricks. (Or gringo tourists). Doce Dieciocho and Quince are a great places aside from that, which is ALWAYS happening, but if you don't mind, you can enjoy a drink, eat, buy something, or even stay (at L'Otel in Doce Dieciocho, EXTREMELY overpriced). I would recommend to just walk around, and, if you're going on weekdays, you may find some art / gastronomy students hanging around.

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