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People still post that pic?

I hosted the meet up, had a great time.


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Meetups of fashion-fags are always a bad idea

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I would suck and leak this scar every day.

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How do you explain looking like such faggots? You'd pull at gay bars, no doubt, though.

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Don't know about that picture, this one is not that bad (except for guy in the far right).

>tfw wasn't in the epic Brismeet

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These guys walk towards you in a dark alley. What do you do?

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anyone else excited for this years cuck-con? 2014 was cucktastic!

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Could work if you look like the middle guy.

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what do i do if something i bought on grailed from a dude in another country never arrives

i bought it 34 days ago now

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like 25-35% of /fit/ looks good

5% of /fa/ looks OK, 2% looks good

both userbase are largely comprised of beta incels looking for ways to contrive themselves a personality and cultivate some qualities, /fit/ is more successful for the most part.

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i can't stop laughing at this pic

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post ITT if you think black people are NOT stupid and NOT really ugly, post ITT if you think people of colour and other races are JUST AS GOOD AND EFFAY AS WHITE PEOPLE.

sick and tired of the white supremacy on this board, SICK of it. all kinds of supremacy, ive had it, i am damn near at breaking point, can we get a SAFESPACE SOLIDARITY EFFAY THREAD.

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the only course of action is to abandon ship, like almost all of the good trips have done
seig i'm sure posts on other forums, as do most of the good posters from here
its pf i feel bad for because he'll allays end up getting banned from pretty much most other places, but this board ( and 4chan as a whole) are just hopeless as i see it
it's been fun

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where can i get a jacket-thing like the middle hispanic dude

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