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Tips for dressing well as a short skinny guy? What styles work, what make you look shorter/stockier?

I'm just recently starting to put a bit more effort into how I dress. Before it was just jeans, converse, and band tees. I want to fix that.

Currently working towards a kind of "rugged/blue collar" thing I guess; skinny jeans ("Levi's 510" skinny, 511s/similar styles aren't skinny/slim on me), work boots (Red Wing IRs, looking at 875s as well), sneakers, etc. I'm not gonna completely get rid of band tees and shit because that's perfectly acceptable in what I do/where I hang out (punk shows and such), I just don't want it to be the ONLY tops I have. I'm gonna pick up a few solid tees but again, I need more than just tee shirts.

basically how do I wear clothing and not look stubby as fuck, what should I look for in shirts to not look like an mfa drone, and is the look I'm currently heading towards something that looks good without being trendy shite?

I want to be able to buy clothing without feeling like I NEED to ask for opinions

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Sarumon would believe that it's the big things that keep evil in check. But I have found that it's the little things.

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