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Cute bear jammies

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do girls like cute, subby boys or are we condemned to be hit on by gays?

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Just start seeking out art/clothes that you like, try and determine what it is about it you like, then search for more of that specific trait. You will begin to notice patterns in certain clothes that you like, often being referential to other clothing itself (fashion is cyclic in nature).
As far as "good" clothes, you either pay a premium for guaranteed quality + specific style. You seek advice via 4chan/friends/inspirations for recommendations on good quality/price options. Or you learn through trial and error / (a mixture of the above and other things)

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happiness anon.

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>tfw you walk in on the engineering club talking about you

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Fuck off, this is a meme thread you boring cunt.

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Seriously guys, ignoring the shit posting anons for a sec. I understand that you want a certain "aesthetic" but if you find yourself low on energy (seriously if you have to take that much caffeine) and generally are torturing yourself for a "look" please stop.

I know it can be hard to see yourself in a different light but you need to understand you're hurting yourself. Please go to the doctor, talk to family, talk to a psychiatrist, friends, whomever. Just don't wait for something horrible to happen.

I'm not judging your body or anything about that, I personally do think thinner frames are gorgeous but if you're potentially doing damage to your body when you're already very thin then what's the use?

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