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>wife is 24
>still wears pre distressed jeans

If she wasn't so pretty and had a perfect ass, I would've cheated long ago.

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Stop posting these threads, e-girls and arthoes all together are NOT GOOD AT ALL. STOP.

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>get married
>dumb whore decides she wants to focus on her career and go back to school
>all of the sudden quits job
>doesn't want to work
>she's going for some shitty SCIENCE degree
>wants me to pay rent
>her car insurance
>and pretty much everything

Thank fucking God I'm still young, I'm fucking out of this shit, also Thank fucking God I met a perfect autistic girl last month, she's so fucking cute and fun, and actually has an ass I can grab. Fuck, I'm never getting married again, stay the fuck away from girls with princess complexes, they're the fucking worst.

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