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When did you realize fashion is one of the most autistic interests?

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My ex was named Ella. it suits white women with short black hair really well. God i miss her.

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I don't get why you're angry. I simply asked about quartz because I was after a quartz watch

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i got a metal version of this in tokyo about 20 years ago. I lost it

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we're not all richfags

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sorry we aren't jewish

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it's a good watch. No need to act like an entitled nigger faggot

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but i don't want aids

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How do I make my hair silky smooth? What shampoo and other things should I use. I have slightly wavy hair

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I want to be skinny lads

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I guess I'll just stick to Eros then

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TDH is shit. I have smelled many frags here and I can tell you its both generic and ass at the same time. Orange peels in a soily dumpster wow so good. Surely this is the new inside joke troll and not serious recs.

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>me when my klean kanteen makes a small noise in class and the ugly people dare to look at me

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i bought jorand unc yesterday by mistake so i just told them it was a mistake but they say they can't cancel it. what the fuck? What should i do ?

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>ywn have jennie cover your body with vaseline and call you her pathetic slug
why even live bros..

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I have never had a gf

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I thought girls liked the smell of cologne? Now you're saying most won't notice or even like it?

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F for this boy guys. It died, i guess i watered it too much. I killed my first plant

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My forehead is naturally wide, and then my temples receded and my temple peaks are totally gone. Now I have an asymmetric hairline and a super wide forehead. Anyone have any haircut ideas?

I still have enough hair and am young enough that shaving it would look retarded, but I can't seem to find a cool haircut for it. I really don't want fringe. My hair is kind of wavy so right now I have a bit of a messy style.

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I feel like such a dumb nigger right now, should have gotten that armani watch.

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You’re young and have a receded/asymmetric hairline? I’ve been cutting my hair for a while now and have always been scared to go in because I feel like they’d say “I can’t do anything with this hairline, sorry”. And then they’d laugh at me behind my back for even coming in.

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i knew i shouldnt have left the house

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it isnt. you are right. never seek happiness with material possesions. it wont work. build a life, not a storage unit full of shit,

do not lose that feeling my man. i mean it. used to be a carefree, popular guy with a lot of future ahead. i am now feeling squashed, held back and not the person i ever dreamed id be. everyone loves to blame feelings like this on coming here and spending too much on clothes but that is gay and retarded i have no one but myself to blame. dont ever lose your positive attitude anon, do not EVER lose it. before you know it, youll be wearing 10k, severely depressed, alcoholic, with nothing to show for it.
its not worth it.

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