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I often see /fit/ queers here saying lifting is aesthetically superior to being a fashionista

Consider the following:
How you dress represents what group/class you belong to. Having a sculpted physique only acts as a SUPPORT. You can dress like a gay faggot and be muscular... You still belong with the gay faggots. You dont have the actual qualities to step up and be recognized as a member of another group. You're either too stupid and/or boring. That's why there's such a thing as pulling or not pulling off a fit. It's just not you (or it is). Having large muscles is simply not enough, especially if you dress like a pleb. You're just a drop of piss in the ocean of piss. With clothes and proper grooming, you can truly show the world where you legitimately belong. And if you have big muscles that's a plus, but nothing more. We all have a similar body, and we can't just fucking grow new limbs. Only clothes can do that.

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Your gift is too great for me

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>being this butt blasted over text on a screen

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fuck a body goal, bloatmaxx is the ultimate redpill

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