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as someone who has a prescription to adderal and xanax I find the combination very useful and fun at times of course combined with the ganja for extra euphoria points. Still need to try ketamine havent found it in my area. Psychs for when you dont have to be in public is probably best imo

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pic related

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>Old fits
>old memes
>old cores

No newfags allowed

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>the feel that kills you

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I got you /fa/mily

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If anyone has a pair of basket swingers or prisoners in a medium for sale, hit me up!

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You've firmed it? What accommodation did you choose?

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>was genuinely one of the ugliest guys in school when i was 16
>am now 19, now I'm actually a pretty above average looking guy (I think)

feels decent desu :)

but sometimes from certain angles my face just looks fat, so im going to start running when i get back from holiday and start fixing my diet (i eat under maintenance but it's mostly shit food) so maybe I can uncover a bit more of my average bone structure.

but at the same time

>tfw boring personality because I didn't talk to anyone from 13-18 so my conversational skills are shite

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what's the girl/guy ratio for cs at king's?

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Anyone else lose their desire for sick cops? Not that I've "made it" in any sense, but I've lost the urge to keep buying new clothes. I've only purchased a few articles of clothing this year (lightwash denim, shorts, t-shirt, running shoes). I don't have much of a desire to be effay because I know it's a never-ending cycle of trying to keep up.

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lots of the people itt's situations sound like some of my friends lol

my feels are p weak desu, im confident in and satisfied w myself in general and i just feel kind of shitty for even feeling bad about my own stupid problems when theres shit like what some of you are going through happening to people

been chatting online w a qt from my uni p frequently over the summer but we're both super introverted and i dont think anythings gonna happen before i switch schools next semester :/

i dont think its so much a trauma or depression thing, just like, a weird skeleton in the closet memory with sort of fucked implications that you try not to think about too hard but it keeps popping back into ur mind when ur trying to fall asleep

thank u bud, kind of looking forward to the school year forcing me to go out desu

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this is him right now

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>mfw 20-40 people come dressed in rick to spend the night
>mfw you call the cops
>mfw i spent all my money on that go fund me page
>mfw i was tricked

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Here you go famalam

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I love me some memes boys

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>tfw she's over you and doesn't even want to be friends anymore
Hold me /fa/

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Anyone in here?

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