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>But everybody is aware of facial aesthetics on an innate, subconscious level
This. Attractiveness is not a "social construct". I don't know shit about math, but that doesn't mean the rules don't exist.

Also, I would be the first one to laugh in your face if you would imply personality is more important than looks, but what most PSL member don't realize, is that personality does have an effect on your perceived looks and status.

What you wear and how you groom yourself sends a clear signal about who you are. A low inhibition bad boy wears clothes that such a person would wear, while a timid nerd will wear the attire of a timid nerd.

Chico with the personality of a timid high inhibition nerd would have never become a top male model. Even if he has the height and bones, he would have never been discovered if he wore baggy smelly clothes and had a shitty haircut done by his mom.

In university I often see attractive, tall, white men, who just don't have the right personality to slay. They wear ugly clothes, speak funny and overall seem like boring individuals. No doubt they still get their fair share of attention from 4s and 5s, but with a low inhibition bad boy personality they would be banging 7s and 8s daily.

Just be average, with the right personality theory. Too bad Im a true incel and below average in every aspect lol.

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I want to lose weight and I would like some advice. I'm 5'7" and I weigh somewhere around 139 lbs with quite a bit of body fat, although mostly on my and thighs and ass (male). I can't afford going to the gym so what would be the best way of lowering my BF except for obviously eating less? I tried body weight fitness for a while but that didn't really work out as I have the same strength as boiled spaghetti.

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