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id on jacket?

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Im all out.

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those are nice it's got that sterile environment white asthetic. I like the low key lunarcore stuff, that's almost the whole point to me is playing it down so it's not cosplay. Someone can go huh I like that style but I cant put my finger on why, that's why the obvious NASA logo on everything stuff is so cringe imo, it's like going hey look! I'm dressed like a space man. Pic related is a good low key fit in my opinion.

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Anybody know what pants these are?

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Anyone know what pants these are?

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anybody know what this jacket is? Also general space jew thread

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Something like this?

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No trouble man lunarcore is afriendly environment for the most part welcome to the club

Best advice I have is lurk this thread and check out the old archived threads also if you Google lunarcore fashion there is some good inspiration

Those boots are lunar as Fuck and would fit perfectly in the genre

When I get home and I'm on my desktop I'll post some basic inspiration for you and maybe look around at jackets

Pic is a fit someone posted showing a basic lunarcore fit

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What the hell happened to SpaceJew and Knoch?

They used to post all the time a few yrs ago and had some of the sickest fits

And What was SpaceJews Tumblr? I can't seem to remember, and is like to find his old fits

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those pants look like something spacejew would make

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i honestly wouldnt call this pic lunar core, it just seems like a white heavy semi-monochrome fit. it looks sick, but lunarcore is more categorized by large boots and cargo pants, like my pic

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W2C good slim fitting cargo pants
Need recommendations

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would this count?

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cuffs are too big and palette is shitty, go read thru color sections of sticky or just analyze peoples' fits more

mid blue jeans and black (?) undershirt dont match the rest, you should be wearing similar hue/different saturation or differing hue/similar saturation (pic related is good example of similar hue/different saturation thank you lunarjew)

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i like the midsole a lot and there are a couple cool models. wouldnt pay full price again. they look good beat to hell.

it starts to wear off in like 3 days or you can slice it off

afaik its just glued on might be diff for the canvas ones tho would probly look fine once you wore them enough to get the glue hidden/worn off


its probably fine

up to you if its a 'good fit' but these are mine.

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Can you guys post white AF1 inspo? I am thinking about coppin some in the near future just cause i want some shoes that i can wear w basically any fit nd i wanted to see some fits

pic unrelated

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