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—18k gold cutler & gross blue tinted prescription spectacles
—Hanes undershirt personally customized with silver paint Molotow felt-tip market (prior to a date with a fashion school student (received fellatio at the end of the evening))
—handmade white linen capri pants purchased from a region-renowned textile dealer at a souk in Marrakech
—SS18 Maison Margela black polyester/leather pool slides
— handsewn Incan prayer bracelet personally blessed by an Andean priest in the sacred valley an hour outside of Cusco, Peru
—1987 chrome Pentax K1000 equipped with 90mm Samyang f/4-4.5 wide-angle Lens
—60lb fawn colored Chinese Shar-pei bought from an antique store in San Miguel de Allende

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