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is this what an american education gets you?

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>>how many people have you slept with?

>any tattoos/piercings?
ears want septum


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you people are pathetic

good goyim

with no concept of reality

you're all so stupid

sooooooo fucking stupid

this fucking retarded even censored the word nigger

this thread is perfect microcosm of everything wrong with this board and majority of its userbase

you've got retard, teenage, probably virginal, dumb as a post with a personality to match trip faggots like positivy and somelazy - both of which i never knew existed but im sure each has 500+ posts.

hopefully after mine and the janitors little man to man one on one love in my self help threads will stay up for longer than an hour and i can gix you pathetic dweebs one at a time.

jesus fucking christ though cmon, get your shit together, are you men or not? this is an absolute disgrace.

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>the crowd ushered into the big red top tent
>thomas was eager to see the freakshow, it was his first time and hed never been so excited
>the crowd took their seats
>the lights turned out, all was dark
>thomas can barely contain his anticipation
>hes trembling with excitement
>the lights burst on, illuminating the entire room
>on the stage, once empty, now stands a conductor

>"ladies and gentlemen tonight we have only the FINEST and most TERRIFYINGLY repugnant freaks for your enjoyment!"

>the crowd however is most interested in one freak, the fabled PCOS girl
>suddenly they begin to chant in unison


>thomas joins in, the entire 500 strong crowd has began to create a cacophony of sound, the tent begins to shake at the mercy of their lust for the famous freak
>the ground begins to shake in unison with her footsteps - she comes, beckoned to their call, the crowd settles, eagerly awaiting their prize
>she emerges, 200lbs of bodyweight and 50lbs of clit, waddling out brandishing a full beard, a hideous hooked nose and am imposing anime collection.

>all those details seemed irrelevant to thomas however, it was what she was pushing in that gilded wheelbarrow that he and the crowd had come for

>the biggest clit the world has ever known

>she stopped, scowling at the crowd who were at this point clutching for their handkerchiefs, the stench of the foul voluminous clit was enough to kill a man if he strayed too close to its blood red body

>thomas soiled himself all over his new pantaloons, he didnt even notice, all he could think about was that BIG OLD CLIT

>finally the hideous creature known as PCOS girl ripped off the herringbone blanket that had masked the heaving mass

>there it was, the biggest, baddest reddest clit in the entire world, it looked like the starchilds head from 2001 only red, surrounded by visible stench lines, covered in sweat and yeast

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