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If Jonah grew a masculine trimmed and shaped beard that gave him more of an angular jaw and added a bit of muscle he could pull it off, as it is he looks too pudgey and baby faced..

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>Ha! Someone saved me lol

I was wondering when someone would make a new lunarcore thread I had been personally burnt out from making and lurking them since I've been making them pretty much since this summer along with Outlander and ZNDR

And have been checking the past few weeks and finally someone made one
Some of these are neato and relaxing to sit and chill in a spacepod

I fucking love these, they look lunarish/medieval/and ninja techish all rolled into one shoe

You could try the cheap route 1st which is just using a modded canvas shoe like converse or PF Flyer or a "No Name" brand canvas sneaker that's all white or all grey or beige and cut and sew on canvas fabric straps instead of laces, or using D shaped ring eyelets like from ALIEN or sewing canvas cargo pockets on the side or sewing on extra canvas to the ankles to make them into thin canvas boots or whatever..

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Why not both you fag

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>post fits
And anything moon related

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