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Here for you, the Knochenfap: http://imgur.com/NIuOYYE

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Dude please. Choose to be ignorant but at least choose to be ignorant somewhere else.

Metal is brutally good.

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But you at least gotta admit that you aren't that normalfag. You're more into "the alternative" than typical normalfag Stacies.

In this day & age as I said "the alternative" is becoming more hip as we speak. That's why normalfag Chads are becoming less cool than this new wave of skinny boys, like the fashion world the modern world is also catching on the idea of "praising youth". And I don't blame them, thats what we all should be aiming for really.

Looking old has never been cool, extending your youth on the other hand... That is basically extending your beautiful years. That's why youthful looking models are still "in" (here2stay) and Chads are nowhere to be seen.

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