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>Based Natty turn of the century strongmen and physiquemen

Based anon

My goal for a long time was Eugene Sandow mode..
They're doing a cobra pose to flex there traps and arms you dipshit

And no fucking shit Arnold is bigger this was the fucking 1890s dood.
Where the fuck do you think theyre gonna get steriods when it hasnt even been invented??
The only thing they remotely had was cocaine to help cut and that was it, this is 100% natural bodybuilding/ physique training and shows just how fucking aesthetic you can get with no steroids

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god bless you anon

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more like Super Based

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basado unt redpilled. Proud of you brother

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Awww shit, thank you!

I know I'm pushing my luck here but are these automatic by chance or do you know of any?

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This man gets it.

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great choice my man, I have a feeling we would get along well, how old are you if i may ask? because about 80% of your chart is the same as my favs

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Nice. I have a Seamaster from 1952. Steel case, gold hands and markers. It came on a black leather band but I put a silver/gold jubilee bracelet. Beautiful.

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Would it be a better idea to just get a normal denim jacket and layer it then get a sherpa jacket?

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hell ya e

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I want a product that can hold my hair back as if an invisible ghost hand swept their finger through my hair and held it back, or as if there was a perpetual, divine wind blowing it back.

I don't like shine or the "gel" look. But hey, whatever works. High hold is important because shit hates my hair.

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