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anybody else essentially come full circle?

>started as a chubby retard wearing unbuttoned flannel shirts with t-shirts and cutoffs
>got into fashion and went full mfa-tier
>started experimenting a bit - wore retarded fads like camo and floral
>wore some americana
>then all my clothes started getting dark
>before i knew it mostly everything i owned was black
>went full goof ninj
>now here i am, 28, about 7 years later wearing alden indys, chinos, gbv button downs and loafers
>basically the same shit i used to jerk off to 7 years ago
>yfw you come full circle
>yfw when life takes over and you have to dress like an adult
>yfw most of the shit you wore previously makes you cringe like crazy anyway

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>Shitty posture
>Terribad bone structure
>Naturally stocky build
>Everyone in family is a hamplanet

>tfw you will never be a qt thinspo boy no matter how hard you try

I really do try too. Just fucking kill me family :'^)

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>the fucking knife wound on the muslims face
what the fuck

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