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White coat good pale skin?????

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well i guess if you look at modelling from an artistic perspective, shes a good example of being attractive yet controversial and thought provoking in a model perspective but isnt that what art should be, aesthetic yet thought provoking.

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Why not both?

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Hi guys, i got an interview coming soon for mcdonalds. Just wanted to know if i should wear my dads suit? Would that be too formal? Sorry for my ignorance this is gonna be my first job and I want to land this job

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What is the HIGHEST END quartz movement?

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what's your opinion on repfam

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>want a choodah black bay
>can't buy it because it has the same movement as my breetling diver and this would clash with my autism
>don't want two watches with the same movement
>"lol I'll buy the ETA black bay"
>can't buy that either because I also want a brosnan seamaster which also has an ETA

What's the solution to this conundrum?

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You know, just plain and simple clothings.

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How did this happen? I was a mouth breather too but I didn't turn out like this. Is it just bad genes?

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Why are all Brits either really ugly or really hot

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if I wear plain white t-shirt, blue jeans and white sneakers, will my ugly face stand out?

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How to take /fa/ picture for tinder? I think I'm finally going to make an account but I have no idea on how the profile should be. Do I need a lot of pics?

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there are plenty of threads about what it takes to be a cuck kid, but what fits are truly anti-soi?

>t. soib oi

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Can someone tell me if a girl who goes out of her way to brush up on to you when there is plenty of walking room a sign? Two girls I know do this to me often.

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