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there's this 5'2 american girl who has had this sexual thing with me. there's nothing quite like fucking a very short girl. it's so much more sensual for her with your being bigger, handling her n stuff.. also the proportions were just perfect, and she looks like a lil 14 year old girl so she fulfills those pent up, unreleased middle school feelings of lust. we're gonna meet up for NYE and i'm just dying to tap that cervix. i hope it doesn't make her nauseous.. she's been in europe for the past 6 months, so she's gonna be so horny.

guys, there are pluses and minuses to all heights, shapes, sizes, and races. so appreciate your height, because a 6'4 guy is getting horny thinking about his 5'6 lil bootie call, or a 6'0 like me is thinking of his 5'2, and these girls wouldn't exist without you being on this planet :)

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