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>peep dat cover photo lolllll
pic related, she models now too.

i imagine if i were fat i would be super determined to drop the pounds but i'm sure it's tough. i used to lift a bit but quit because it took up too much of my time and i didn't even care about the gainz when i got em. soo, i'm sure it's hard. thankfully though i have one of those fancy 'high metabolisms' so i can eat what i want and don't really gain. but that's a lie. i eat junk but i eat so little of it that i feel full with minimal food and still 'go hungry' but don't crave.
people don't understand fashion like how we don't understand the troubles to be a fat fucc so they don't like skinny people in ads and we don't like fat people in front of our eyes anywhere. it's just about being happy in the end though.

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