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What defines dadcore and how do you pull it off?

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>getting older
>starting to get that dad bod frame
>stuff is not fitting right anymore

what brands should I look at?

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How does one get started with fashion when you've shopped at Walmart for clothes your entire life?

>pic related, i dress like steve carrell in this pic

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this is dadcore

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wearing sneakers after your 20s is hard to pull of and most of the times looks like dadcore.

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I would say the Steve Carell here is more dad core. That's just your typical business casual/prep look.

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Best way to deal with looking like a fucking dad?
I'm in my 20s but I look like im in my early 40s. I don't quite mind personally since I've never been one to want to look like a twink, but it's hard to work with since I can't exactly get away with wearing skinny jeans and other youth wear. Best way to work with it? any examples?

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Hey /fa/ what are some nice skinny black jeans I can buy for less then 150$ preferably tapered at the bottom

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