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how2cop adderall prescription? i have an appt with a gp soon.

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medium lel

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i've known some fatties to get super hot when they lost their 'growth spurt weight' as one called it. i was friendly with one when she was fat and paid her more attention when she was skinny and she loved it. she did ask me why i wanted to see more of her and i told her with a straight face it's because she's sexier and she is literally better than she was now. she was kinda offended but also wanted this attention so badly, and it's must have been the biggest compliment she's gotten in a long time, that she got a little turned on.

they wish they could live like us secretly and they delude themselves. i'm sure it's harder being a hamplanet and we're lucky not to be. but not doing anything about it is worse than anything. being fat doesn't necessarily make you worse - it's that they don't care enough to IMPROVE themselves (as we all should), and therefore no one else will invest an interest in a pile of shit.

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