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>people always tell me I'm too skinny and need to eat more
>tell them at trying to lose more weight
>"Oh my god you're crazy you're way too skinny, girls like muscles not bones"

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>all I wear is skinny jeans and slp suede and leather chelseas
>girls compliment my "style"
>"Are you into fashion?"
>family think I'm gay for being into fashion
>dont even like fashion

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>He or She wears White sneakers (with white soles) or white Shoes on a rainy day.

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>dark twinky techno rave
i don't listen to much techno, is this a common thing? how do you know it'll just be twinks?
eyeliner and black clothes i guess

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>being a non-anglo
>unironically using "alt-right"
>implying the hitler youth and the german empire were bad
>reddit spacing
>defending discord trannies
>replying with anything other than "based"

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>that guy is well dressed according to OP's standards

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>uncentered dates look fine when Rolex does it

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