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>isn't it just about face?
not sure what you mean
>I mean guy on the left looks good regarldess of the things you've just menioned
handsome people are also capable of ugly expressions. being good looking what automatically make you /fa/, nor does being ugly necessarily disqualify you from being /fa/. Guy on the right could be wearing clown makeup and he'd still look /fa/, not because he's handsome though he is, but because the expression itself is golden.

I'm glad I can contribute to the community, as it helped me back when I was new. Unfortunate that trolls want it to stagnate into an unfunny shithole.

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It's not just /fa/ that got invaded by people underqualified for advanced discussions on the subject matter and constantly begging for spoonfeedings. It's every board on 4chan. Part of their strategy is belittling attempts to strive for something beyond the mediocre day-to-day content.

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I've liked nothing posted thus far. That's not surprising. This is /fa/ after all.

Pick one and only one to listen to.



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Probably one of my best fits ever

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