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most people do not want this, a small minority prefer this to a healthy athletic build. take a poll of people and the vast majority will say they prefer what im describing to pic related. If we're talking highschool age teenagers maybe you guys are right, but again that is not the majority in our society by any means. You are trying to convince me that the fringe>the rest

Skinny models arent used on runways because thats "whats popular", it fills a utilitarian role 90% of the time. The designers want their clothing to be seen first, and then the models wearing it. I wont disagree that many are capitalizing on the look currently, but yet again high fashion runways are such a small aspect of fashion as a whole that I cant take that argument seriously.

Again, if we are talking about a small fringe group (for example /fa/) then yea, youre probably right, but step out of that extremely limited area and youre argument crumbles. There are more people working out and in gyms then ever. The skinny/edgy look as viewed by the masses is probably at an all time low, people are tired of the look and have now moved onto a new healthier look. This is a cycle that has been happening for a long long time now, its not something new by any means.

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