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I'm really hungry, I guess I'll go for a walk so I don't eat. Anyone else do that?

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This. This is me. Where are you, Anon, so we can link up and talk about life?

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what's the point of even trying to look good when you're 5.5??

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>tfw wide feet

What the actual fuck can I do, /fa/? There's only two wide shoe stores in my entire state, and everything there sucked. My only hope is new balance and all of their shoes are ugly as sin.

>just go up a few sizes
no, this sucks, only people with normal feet every suggest this. It's literally unwearable

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>Stomach stretched/you got used to eating more calories over the holidays.
Yesterday I ate very little.
>Or you're a woman and PMSing.
Nope, I live life on hard-mode.
>Or you got drunk last night and your body is trying to recover.
I was in bed by 10.
>Or your brain hates you, who knows?
Probably this. Fuck.

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Tfw really yellow teeth. Been this way as long as I can remember. I've always brushed twice a day, shit doesn't help.
I feel insecure about smiling with teeth so I just end up looking awkward when smiling and holding my mouth closed.
Just end me

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I'm still hungry.

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>tfw receding hairline
wot do? It's not awful, should I grow my hair to thicken it there? Or will I look like Trump?

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This thread dies on the weekends, that's how you really know they have lives.

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>friends want to visit me in new city
>subtly suggest some healthy places to go for lunch that aren't too pricey
>"let's go to a pub anon!"

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I don't know. Sometimes people are just mean, in life and on chans.

For me it's nice to have a familiar face and she was always friendly. That's the closest I get to a friend. Now that she's gone I feel like a piece of me is gone too.

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you and me senpai

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>tfw your theater just put back the No Singles policy again
Maybe that anon doesn't have that rule

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i have a qt girl classmate who is basically all i want in a gf (asian, rei kawakubo type hair, effay, thin, and qt face) who always gives me crazy eye contact during class and i want to respond back but she takes the class with her bf and i dont wanna be a relationship breaker so i tend to not respond back. why must the world do this to me guys?

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is that a good thing or an insult?

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>tfw i got under 50kg again today

Fucking shit, i hate that, i need to gain at least 15 fcking kilos

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>people ask or assume I'm gay
why do people always do this? multiple times i've had complete strangers walk up to me for no reason and ask me if i'm gay, what is their fucking problem

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I hurt my back and so lighter is better for me. I do it for pain reasons.

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I just want to cuddle with a skelle queen and talk about how we aren't going to eat the food in the fridge

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I wish the back of my head was flat

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>Went shopping with my brother
>i bought some dark blue jeans and he bought some white blue ones with fade and distress.
>he wears it with black suit that is like 5 sizes larger on the middle.
>i tell him that him and my mom(who btw encourages him that it looks good) that you cant put the jeans and that suit dont work together
>she tells me i am wrong and nowadays you can wear anything and he screams like a monkey that its none of my business
>i drop it as idgaf but tell him and my mom that the suit and the shirt needs tailoring anyway as you look like Lurch from Adams Family and it adds like 100 pounds to the mid section
>"anon thats how you wear a shirt ,its not large,those that fit well are special shirts and not for suit".
>Also his jeans are skinny fit.

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>tfw skelly with gyno
>medium shirts make me look fat
>large shirts are clearly too big

what do

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>tfw got some cash to spend for clothes but cant make up your mind about proper fit
i want both have a cake AND eat it

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