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wow i thought i had more but I guess this is a pretty barren folder for me.

finishing off on the goose

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Why do Americans have such shitty fashion compared to Canadians?

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elfmode fucker get out

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This. To know what to dress like, simply look at what girls like. Girls like Ryan Gosling and Leonardo DiCaprio. Fix your clothes, fix your confidence, fix your lifestyle.
Gauges in your ears and that kind of cut aren't going to do this.

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A$AP Carrell -
Oversized T (looks like recent Yohji but I'm not sure which collection its actually from)
+ the most faded raws of all time
+ striking NB (on that lunarcore wave p/ sure those are boots)

Goosey is looking euphoric lol buisness cazual tryna be edgy good for all situations green trousers elfmode fucker get out

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Any suggestion for a pair of wingtips under 200 in a brown leather? I need something for chinos.
Doesn't need to be wingtip, just something that looks good in business casual. I don't own any brown shoes.

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>j crew
okay, but can be dadcore
>vineyard shit
please slit my throat


Look at every pic on this until you never dress like that again.

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