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yo yo yo what up its ya boy, its ya main man returned from the dead, finna fixxen to senpai this bru yall know

im putting together a team


sacred iconic fah image so yall KNOW i aint playen

its been a minute senpai but yall know i cant stay away yall know i like to get litty and yall best BUH LIEVE we here to stay my man woop woop

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yeh its not the kind of rhetoric you're going to hear from your professor mr goldsilverbergstein, i will admit to that.

whats the problem, cant handle opposing viewpoints or something? its 2015 shitlord, open your mind ;)

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i honestly love this shit

>The White husband found his Asian wife naked, lying next to a baseball bat, surrounded by blood. She had been beaten and stabbed 171 times by her insane Eurasian daughter

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who are the most successful trips and personalities this board has seen? i dont mean how well they were received by the userbase, i mean tangible real world success. by contrast who are the least successful?

knoch - popular blog, has his niche clothing design, handsome

void - studying fashion design in antwerp, produced his first collection

anorak - employed designer

pigfuck - successful reseller, clothing collection worth 50K+, handsome

trunks - modeled for haven, resells, handsome, minus points for ugly asian gf?

fascist - industry job, knowledgeable, likes dick

not successful

blah - dead

poet - his famous meltdown and reddit posts are a trainwreck, plus hes something like 32 years old

twerkit - tranny loser

reee- lonely virgin, shitposts 24/7 obviously unhappy


sieg heil - shitposts a lot, career????

casemods - plays cs go, likes motorbikes???

slater - youtube channel with 400 subs, japanese cowboy

lelders - dated a black girl??

post more, im doing an experiment.

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hey gang, latest blog entry is in http://fuckyeahfah.tumblr.com/

will be getting back to straight waywt fits soon, just had to document this one, it was special.

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This is literally what success looks like.
This board would not be what it is without them.

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