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tonight im a rockstar

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>tonight im a rockstar general

Are you a kohlchan dweeb?

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>been on the finasteride meme for last 4 years
>have really nice hair while everyone on one side of the family is bald
>little brother balding AS FUCK
>literally breaks my heart because I've fallen for the finasteride meme in secret
>how do I tell him
>I have an extra batch
>I can give it to him
>I can stop his JUST
How do I do it, senpai? I just want the best for my based little brother. I love him so much. How do I start the conversation?

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Almost TTS.

If you wear an M in shirts and shit I'd get an M on the jacket if you like it to fit a LITTLE bit loose, if you like more of a loose fit then an L.

Nice, that one is 1:1

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