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I don't even have a fucking grailed account..

>( ;_;)

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Familiar feel. I met my gf a year ago and she is the best thing in my life. We're pretty much certain that we're gonna get married because everything just feels good with her. Im a bit on the younger side of all these anons (being that her and I are only 20) but it just means I've found my soulmate a lot earlier.

Admittedly, I kinda wanna indulge in some other girls because I never really had a "fuck around" phase, but Im not gonna give her up to get some from other people. More so, I really want to travel around Asia alone but its something I can never really do if I have her because it'll take away from the adventurous feeling of it all.

At the end of the day, I can at least say that I have someone and I wish the same for the other lonely anons out there.

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