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yes i'm surprised you know who he is, this board is full of larping rich kids spending their parents money

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>Controlled Opposition core

Muslims are just lower IQ, more masculine people. As a broad-brush, they didn't used to be insurgents and jihadis in the last 100 years until Mossad infiltrated them - shitholes like Afghanistan and Iraq had strict codes of honour, patriotism and basically wanted to be left alone by Russians and Kikes. They were on their way to proper developed secularist societies in some cities

Tommy campaigns against Da Mooslems meanwhile taking money and visiting Israel, the very people who destabilised the middle east and imported these angry, tribalistic, war-wageing Conan the Barbarian tier people who were often radicalised by Mossad agents within their tribes, secular Imams and tribal elders were literally bumped off by Mossad and CIA. He allies with the same people who turned the Middle East into a hypermasculine crusade Mad Max tier war cult, and at the same time infiltrate, castigate and imprison the white goys for being at all patriotic and masculine.

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