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I was thinking about this and I just came up with some ideas for lunarfits for the summer/spring

>Here's my brainstorm ideas;

- [Short/long cargo shorts/kneepants?]

- [Lunar vests]
>Puffy? Cargo? Thin? Thick? Etc.

- [Long fitted tank top or short sleeved T-shirt?] >Mesh? Ribbed? Cargo pockets?

- [Canvas or Aquasock shoes?]
>Low or Hightop?
>Velcro straps?
>D-ring Eyelets like Alien?
>Cargo pockets?
>Canvas materials sewn onto tongue and ankle to make different layers? Or more of a canvas boot?

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Well I moved into a new place so I can use my sewing machine now
Im thinking of making some lunar cargos or sewing the canvas mail bags onto some converse

Just listening to some a e s t h e t i c Neon Indian and I think I'll make some doodles for this thread and maybe make another lunarcore thread it's been a little while

Kinda excited to finally start sewing again, even if it's just tailoring my baggy pants into tapered lunar pants

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