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I've been wanting to get a pair of harness boots for a while now but every time I consider getting a pair, I realize I'm not a 90 lb twink who can pull off the YSL look, is it even worth spending the money on leather harness boots? It's a look I really enjoy. Is it worth going for the Brock Sampson look?

For reference I'm 5'9" 190lbs. Not adonis or anything but mostly average build.

>lose weight
gtfo I'm not about to turn myself into a skeleton to look like some european twink.

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What sleeker silhouette chelseas (SLP look with low blocks) can actually hold up to a bit of abuse like motorbike riding, clubs, etc.? I'm very hard on shoes so would rather spend more for a good quality boot that can be repaired/re-soled than for a brand name. Was considering RM Williams since I'm in Australia and can get them relatively cheap but I've heard mixed reports on their durability in recent years.

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Don't Post.
Fit is bad(actual fit.) unroll sleeves and get better fitting shirt. Get darker jeans that fit without rolling.
Cut Hair. Don't Tuck in shirt. Jeans and shoes are okay. So Is over-shirt. Just be Original.
you aren't Bad looking, but you have a feminine Jaw. Get shaved sides and a clean cut top for most masculine Look.
Can Barely Tell fit. But maybe darker jeans unless you're skinny as a whip.
Like I said, Get a drop fade on the sides and cut maybe 1, 1/2 inches off the top. Will look much more masculine.
Not bad for a newfag! you have a solid understanding of layering. Choose a darker shirt to hide your slight gut and shave your face as your beard isn't full. It's a great start. Try a charcoal grey shirt, the same hoodie, black jeans, and a black leather or black denimn jacket (over your hoodie)

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Supporting fit.

I currently dress more Military/ professional soldier-ish.

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ID on this whole fit?

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for guys here who've reached optimal /thin/, what do you do to work out? I don't want to do traditional weight lifting (SS/SL/such) as the main reason I'm dropping weight at this point is to thin my thighs, but I also don't want to be a twig at my target weight. I run distance and have started core/upper bodyweight exercises recently, but I'm not sure this is enough

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These jeans or jeans that fit like this

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Personal favourite

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I know it's uninspired but I like this one a lot

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How do I acquire aesthetics of not being fuccboi nor fedora "muh class" guy?

Pic semi-related, I guess.

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its @ 315 posts

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What do you want? Slp, goof ninja? what?

I'm the animeguy I have never done anything against the rules so no mods don't want me.

Pigfuck is a ban evader, the dude that used to spam this threads with photos of some Russian weight lifter. But nah it's probably another spammer, just report him. None of them are as good as Casey at spamming back in the day.

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>Current Weight?
>/thin/ goals for the moment?
55kg or less
>Do you have a calorie limit?
Around 400kcal per day and fasting every 2 days
>Weight Loss Method?
>What are you listening to right now?

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yeah doesnt looks bad but avoid going ham or you will end like harry styles with his fat tights. He looks nice on slp but fuck those tights so far from good.

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looks great on boys as well. actually that's the perfect pants silhouette.

being skinny is da bess dawg

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